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tv   NBC Bay Area News at 6  NBC  March 25, 2020 6:00pm-7:00pm PDT

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>> we're getting updates from oakland airport and kaiser hospital. let's start you off in oakland. in the past few minutes, we learned a gate agent at the airport tested positive. the airport says the worker was on the job just this last sunday. so just a few days ago, and he worked several gates that day. the upside here, not many people are traveling, but there are still plenty of people that were exposed to that gate agent. also, concern at kaiser. an executive vice president for the health group says nearly half of all patients at the san jose kaiser had covid-19 or suspected of being infected. he told that the to the journal of american medical association. kaiser just responding to our calls saying the percentage of infected patient there is at the san jose location has gone down this week. earlier today, governor newsom announcing that relief is coming. since march 13, 1 million unemployment claims have been filed. four of the nation's largest
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banks have agreed to delay foreclosures and defer mortgage payments for 90 days. wells fargo, u.s. bank and chase. however, no relief for renters in all of this. as for all the families, public schools in six bay area counties will remain closed until may 1 at least. some districts telling parents they are prepared to reopen school on may 4 if they get the green light from the governor and cdc. take a look. we have the latest numbers for you now. today, more than 1100 people have tested positive in the bay area. santa clara county still leading with 459 cases, 84 more cases since yesterday. bay area wise, there have been 27 deaths. at a time when san francisco hospitals are ramping up for that potential surge in patients of coronavirus, one of the city's hospitals is under lockdown. the nursing home laguna honda on lockdown after five staffers
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tested positive. >> he's bring in our reporter that joins us from that hospital. what's the plan from the city? >> reporter: raj, this is a massive nursing facility. home to more than 700 people, people who are too sick to live on their own. people who need around the clock care. we are now hearing that laguna honda is under lockdown as city officials try to contain a possible coronavirus outbreak that has infected at least five staff members. meanwhile, at other san francisco hospitals, doctors are racing to prepare for what they say is an inevitable surge in coronavirus patients. >> yeah. so it feels very eerie because it feels like a calm before the storm. >> reporter: right now in new york city, the epicenter of the national outbreak. san francisco city leaders and e.r. doctors fear the storm will
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hit us next. >> we're getting a chance to kind of do a dry run as we look to new york and see what the challenges they're experiencing. we can make those preparations ahead of time. >> reporter: today, san francisco mayor london breed revealed time to prepare is running out. the city needs 5,000 more hospital beds, and 1500 more ventilators to treat the projected wave of coronavirus patients. >> we need to be prepared to save lives. we need to be prepared to take patients right now. >> reporter: she says she's asked vice president mike pence and governor gavin newsom for help. in the meantime, hospitals are doing everything they can to make room for the surge of sick patients. >> i'm sorry to say that the worst is yet to come. >> reporter: he says he's treated several coronavirus patients who have become critically ill and are in their 40s. >> we haven't gotten that huge onslaught to realize the few
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40-year-olds that are sick, is that typical? is that the new normal? >> reporter: back out here live, laguna honda in san francisco remaining under lockdown. the doctor says he feels like the early calls for social distancing and that tay at home order did have a positive effect, and possibly slowed down the outbreak, but it's just too soon to tell. the city is preparing for that surge in patients and it could happen in less than two weeks. that's the latest here, i'm melissa colorado, nbc bay area news. for all those people struggling to pay their bills, we have a few more details about the mortgage patients. we mentioned a 90-day grace period. governor newsom saying wells fargo, u.s. bank, citi and jpmorgan chase will defer patients for people who have lost their jobs or gotten sick. bank of america will also do the same, but their grace period is 30 days. some other notes from the
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governor's briefing. more than 1 million californians filed for unemployment in the last 12 days. the new numbers show that 51% of californians who tested positive for covid-19 are between the ages of 18 and 49. 37 people under the age of 17 have tested positive in california. >> we can defeat this virus, but we can't defeat it unless we commit to fulfilling our individual obligations and our collective responsibilities to meet this moment. >> we could have several more weeks of this process of sheltering at home. one other note, more than 24 million of those m-95 masks have been distributed across california. another 100 million are on the way. maps until may 4, when thousands of kids across six bay area counties can be back in
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school. that announcement this afternoon to continue to stop the spread of covid-19. another five weeks of at-home learning for parents and teachers sounds challenging, if not maddening. jody, realistically, if they go to may 4, school ends may 20th. so it's almost the whole year. >> reporter: that's right, jessica. school, the last day of school here in oakland is may 28th. and now the schools aren't scheduled to reopen until may 4th, the closures lasting a lot longer than anyone expected. >> i'm hearing from families and they're telling me things like, he misses you. and i miss my kids. >> reporter: but bethany meyer will have to wait at least another five weeks before returning to class. the oakland unified school district announced on social media late this morning that it's among six bay area counties
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that have decided to extend school closures through may 1. >> this is not an easy situation for anybody, we know that. but this is in the best interest of ensuring that we can stop the spread of coronavirus. >> reporter: the oakland school district says it's working hard to find a way to continue instruction, but acknowledges many students don't have access to technology. >> a large percentage of our students don't have wi-fi or any kind of technology at home. so accessing the kinds of learning that we want them to do is very difficult. >> i feel like our district is not prepared to handle something like this. >> reporter: oakland high history teacher cole morgan has been calling students on the home as he shelters from home himself. he says many families are struggling with paying rent and keeping food on the table. let alone tapping into technology. >> some students will be getting the support that they need and some left behind. that's what is not fair. >> reporter: as teachers and students grapple with how to
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teach and learn remotely, teachers say they understand the need to keep schools closed. >> if there's a general feeling that this is the best decision to keep everybody safe. >> reporter: the oakland school district again says they are working to find a way to get computers to children's homes and get everybody online. in the meantime, they are urging children to exercise their brains, however they can. they say read a book, read anything. just keep that brain working. reporting live, i'm jodi hernandez, nbc bay area news. >> thank you, jodi. social distancing gone wrong with an unusual assault on a jogger. the jogger tells san jose police that some man spat and coughed on her after she asked him to stay at least six feet from her while jogging. it happened on a trail in san jose. she described what happened to her to nbc bay area but asked us to alter her voice.
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>> he said, oh, are you scared? why don't i just give you the coronavirus and kept spitting on me and hitting me on my shoulder and coughing into my head. >> this happened because she asked him to stay further from her. police ask anyone with information to give them a call. this is an emotional time for so many families who have lost a loved one, whether they died of covid-19 or other causes, funeral homes are taking precautions and really changing their policies. marianne favro joins us now with a closer look. marianne? >> reporter: i'm here at bay area mortuary services, and they have helped make funeral arrangements for those who have died from covid-19 but they are working to make sure employees are protected while serving grieving families. instead of the crowded chapel of mourners, state health leaders say only ten people can now attend a funeral and must sit
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six feet apart, which is why many funeral homes are offering a different way to say goodbye. >> we're live streaming the services, so those people that aren't able to attend can still watch and see what's going on. >> reporter: they have already helped families who have had relatives die from covid-19. to protect their staff frombalm changes. >> we will suit up to make sure we get no aerosol sprays that can get on our clothing or into our face. so we're using full facemasks and shields and double gloves. >> reporter: while the cdc recommends protective equipment for funeral service workers, it says there is no evidence to suggest covid-19 could be transmitted by the deceased. >> we are more concerned about the infected live people than we are of those that have passed
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from this virus. >> reporter: one concern that hasn't materialized yet, in spain, they have had so many people die so quickly that they have had to turn ice rinks and other facilities into makeshift morgues. bay area mortuary services says in addition to following all of the cdc guidelines, they have taken the extra step of asking that children and anyone aged 65 or older not attend services here. reporting live in san jose, marianne favro, nbc bay area news. >> marianne, thank you. the party is over. that's the word tonight from an event promoter about a party scheduled for friday in san francisco. san francisco city attorney dennis herrera said the promoter was planning and marketing a party this friday night for a club on rhode island street. this would be in defiance of the state shelter in place order. herrera is working with sfpd to
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enforce that ord they are prohibits gatherings. failure to comply is punishable by a fine up to $1,000, imprisonment up to a year or both. up next at 6:00, city hall shut down in san francisco. we investigate the major changes and why this happened. plus, first responders helping each other out. how san jose's finest are stepping up to help hospital workers. i'm tracking heavy rain, hail, even some isolated lightning. details on that in about six minutes.
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one of san francisco's most recognized land marks, city hall, is now virtually shut down. the reason, a security screener there at city hall tested positive for the coronavirus. here's our investigative reporter. >> reporter: atty hall today, people found themselves turned away. the san francisco land mark is shut down to all but a few dozen specifically authorized employees. >> it's really sad that city hall, which is this great, beautiful public building, it has tens of thousands of people come through it regularly is now closed to the public. >> reporter: the order came as a sheriff's cadet, who was doing screenings at one of the doors, tested positive for the covid-19 virus. in this alert to city leaders,
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health officials said that there's a low risk that the cadet could have infected someone else through routine screening. but visitors still are now being kept out of city hall. and a few blocks away at the hall of justice, more fallout from the epidemic. two members of the police department's special victims unit tested positive, as well. during a press conference today, chief bill scott said 25 officers and two civilians are now under quarantine. >> we have sanitized that work location, and we had already restricted some of our workforce from being in the office. >> reporter: chief scott says the investigative units are now only working in the office when essential. how well officers can work from home remains to be seen. but just like closing city hall, first responders and health officials feel they don't have a choice. hours at that coronavirus
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testing center in hayward. since it opened a few days ago on monday, that center has tested hundreds of people. today, it closed early when it ran out of tests, but they are getting more. the center is now asking people to line up either on foot or by car between 9:00 a.m. and 10:00 a.m. and then again from 1:00 p.m. to 4:00 p.m. the hope is that the new hours will make it easier to make it socially distance while in line. testing is reserved for people who are experiencing symptoms of covid-19. that could be a sore throat, fever, homeless and over the age of 65. the push to get more masks and gloves to first responders got a big boost today in the south bay courtesy of fellow first responders. san jose police delivered thousands of masks to every hospital in the city. damian trujillo is live with the details. so where did all the masks come from? >> reporter: they were in storage, in stockpile, believe it or not.
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i did text a nurse here, and she told me those masks are still desperately needed, so today's delivery was a huge shot in the arm. a city truck backed up into every hospital loading dock in san jose. inside, boxes upon boxes filled with federal masks. a treasure trove for the doctors and nurses inside. >> this is just an amazing donation, a generous gift to the health care workers and it's needed. so thank you. >> reporter: each hospital in san jose will get more than 9,000 masks. the department says that's more than a week's supply for each location. where were these masks? >> all the credit lies with ana hocks. >> she realized the masks were left dover from the h 16shgs n 16shgs pandemic from -- h1n1 pandemic from years ago.
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the donation is the latest in a major effort to ensure hospitals are ready for the expected surge in covid-19 hospitalizations. and it isn't just officers or companies. some people have started mini sewing lines in their living rooms to equip those who are risking their safety to save lives. >> our nurses and doctors and even our staff that is helping clean the staff, our janitors, everybody there is putting themselves at risk, and they're thinking about the community first. >> reporter: and the medical foundation even posted some how-to tips on how to make some of these masks at home. find that information on our website, with some cdc advice, as well. i'm damian trujillo, nbc bay area news. >> damian, thank you. we saw damian in the sunshine there in san jose, but we had hail in many parts of the bay area. let's bring in our chief meteorologist jeff ranieri from the east bay. you've got a lot of explaining to do, jeff. pretty interesting to see that hail.
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>> yeah. we definitely had been forecasting that rain for the past couple of days, even a chance of isolated thunderstorms, and we are seeing that right now, even heavier pockets of rain over portions of the north bay. that's what i want to start off with tonight and right now. as we look at the satellite, most of the bay area is rain free, but it's these small little pockets that are popping up, part of a system that's moving off towards the south. you'll see right now over the north bay, heavier rain just outside of san jose, this is in the higher elevations. and this right now is moving off towards the south. we've only had one lightning strike in the past 30 minutes. once again, if you hear that thunder, head inside as this moves down towards the enchanted hills, south of st. helena. also possibly some heavier rain on the way through santa rosa into 6:55 tonight. i'm doing all of this tracking,
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storm tracking live at home. as we have all of our weather computers set up here. as i'm doing that shelter in place right now working from home. throughout gilroy, we also have more rainfall that's moving in, likely staying with you over the next 30 to 45 minutes with small hail, as well. i do see a slight chance of a spotty shower there, nothing big. a and the big, big weather story we're pushing ahead to into tomorrow is a frost advisory for the north bay, where temperatures drop down into the 30s. we'll have more on this and a full look at the morning forecast and my seven-day, and when, yes, you guys, when warmer 70s and sunshine returns. i can't wait. i'm going to get the beach chair out and my bathing suit out. in the backyard, of course. >> we'll join you virtually,
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jeff. thank you. up next here at 6:00, steph curry is going one on one with a notal figure. we'll te you who and why. we made usaa insurance for members like martin.
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on many of our most popular models. you may even shop online and take delivery at home. it's just our way of doing our part... royalty not spared. prince charles the latest high profile person to test positive for covid-19. the 71-year-old prince has mild symptoms. he's self-isolating in scottland. his wife, camilla, tested negative. he's had a number of private meetings and participating at those sessions have made -- people that participated are aware of his conditions. queen elizabeth is said to be in good health. steph curry is sheltering at home, but is also answering questions about the coronavirus, along with an expert. the warriors superstar will talk with this man, dr. anthony fauci. it's going to happen tomorrow morning on curry's instagram count. you can be part of the conversation. dr. fauci is one of the leading
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experts on the coronavirus, and is advising president trump. curry is encouraging people to submit questions via his social media account, which he'll then ask the doctor. the conversation begins tomorrow morning at 10:00 a.m. up next, a long line of cars pulled up to the cathedral of faith today, as the church gave food baskets to those in need. really nice sight to see this. every wednesday and thursday, the church gives out today from 9:00 a.m. to noon. they saw the largest crowd they ever experienced. 1500 baskets of food were handed out, each basket has $300 worth of groceries in them. >> we're getting so many people that are struggling, so we're here for them, with our partner second harvest food bank, we're like the retail outlet. so we give all the food out. >> most people are working families with kids, just need to put food on the table. the church will be doing the same thing tomorrow.
6:27 pm
they also need more volunteers and donations, so if you can, please help. up next at 6:30, could the coronavirus come back every season? one of the leading medical experts weighs in. also, congress trying to get it done. what the stimulus package means for you. the details up next. including an interview with congressman. stay with us.
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right now at 6:30, we're
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learning more about what's in the federal government's $2 trillion coronavirus stimulus package, including how much most americans will get once the president signs that legislation. also today, discouraging answer from the infectious disease doctor. yes, the virus could come back in the fall or even next winter. so we need to be prepared for yet another coronavirus cycle. >> dr. fauci was blunt in his assessment that we could get hit again eight to 12 months from now. president trump lauded his administration's response, and thanked the american people for their sacrifices. >> the social distancing, such an important phrase, and we do it right now. the more lives that we can save and the sooner we can eventually get people back to work, back to school, and back to normal. >> he said some large section ols it have country will probably be able to go back to work sooner than others. that probably wouldn't include
6:31 pm
california and new york. the president declared major disasters in california, new york, washington state, iowa, louisiana, and florida. $2 trillion, that's the dollar amount of that stimulus package that congressional republicans and democrats now hope will help rescue the struggling economy. the senate agreed on the specifics this morning. some of the money is aimed at boosting the stock market. much of it will go to helping individuals and small businesses. here's a partial breakdown. if you make less than $75,000 a year, you'll get a direct payment of $1200. families get an additional $500 per child. if you're unemployed, jobless payments extended for 13 weeks. small businesses will get emergency loans to stay afloat and $100 billion set aside for hospitals. >> nobody could have imagined how different the world would be this week compared to four weeks ago. and so getting money out there quickly is really important. >> $75 billion is being set
6:32 pm
aside for distressed industries like the airlines and cruise ship companies. the white house hopes to get individual checks out by early april. b but there are no guarantees at this point. the mayor of the biggesty is protecting workers by providing sick leave for all. if approved, it would give sick leave to all echl ployees and new hires that are impacted by the coronavirus. the measure would have an automatic provision of 40 hours of sick leave. the mayor says he understands it could be costly for small businesses, so he's offering help like tax cuts that would offset the cost. canada is cracking down in the face of covid-19, the country making unprecedented use of the federal quarantine act. it has ordered any non-essential traveler who recently returned to canada to self-quarantine for 14 days. if you defy the order, you could face fines or arrest. until now, canada had only been
6:33 pm
urging people to self-isolate on a voluntary basis. during this time of crisis, people are trying to figure out how to support their neighbors who may be struggling. but not being able to do it in person creates a challenge. here's how one group managed to work it out. >> reporter: keeping up an exercise routine, just for the average person, has been one of the challenges during this stay at home order. here at our house, we turned the garage into a temporary workout space. now imagine you're a college athlete at the peak of your training with your season just about to start. and everything gets canceled, you get separated from your teammates. >> the biggest thing has been the emotional impact of all of it. >> reporter: claire smyth is a remember of stanford's rowing team. a week ago, she found herself at home feeling two things. in great shape and wanting to
6:34 pm
help others. >> i reached out to my team and a lot of them are feeling the same thing. we have all this training. what are we going to do with it? i want to do something really cool with it. >> reporter: so this is what they settled on. five teammates using their indoor rowers to row the length of a marathon. and the help others part, they did it to raise money for the san francisco food bank. >> it was a fun experience, because every time i would kind of really feel like i was getting really tired and i was feeling like a lot of pain, i would just look over to my computer that i put right there, and i saw all of my teammates doing this. and it was just like so inspiring. >> reporter: it took claire roughly 3 1/2 hours this past saturday to row her marathon. and the team raised exactly $1,500 in the process. bringing comfort to those in need from the comfort of their home. garvin thomas, nbc bay area news.
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>> very nice. thank you, garvin. okay, here's another uplifting story. the wedding was postponed, but a sun sunnyvale couple didn't let that stop them from dancing. that's the couple doing their first dance in the middle of the street. neighbors recorded the two while someone played their wedding song from a car. the couple did their first dance at the exact time that they were supposed to do at their wedding, which was postponed. instead they did this. no date yet on when they'll do the real ceremony. >> it looks great. congratulations to them. we are back in a moment. we're going to go live to washington, d.c. and chat with a congressman about this stimulus package. stay with us. california phones offers free specialized phones... like cordless phones.
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we find a way through it. it's about taking care of each other. it's the small parts that make a big difference. at chevy, we promise to do ours. we're offering chevy owners complimentary onstar crisis assist services and wifi data. if you need a new chevy, interest-free financing for 84 months - with deferred payments for 120 days on many of our most popular models. you may even shop online and take delivery at home. it's just our way of doing our part... and accessoriesphones for your mobile phone. like this device to increase volume on your cell phone. - ( phone ringing ) - get details on this state progr visit right now or call during business hours. >> >> a we speak, the u.s. senate is finalizing the $2 trillion stimulus deal. they could be voting on it in a matter of a couple of hours, then it goes to the house of
6:38 pm
representatives and ultimately to president trump. the question now, though, before this gets finalized, who is going to get the money and when? and what about all those gig economy workers? we're going to bring in a congressman who joins us live from washington, d.c., he represents much of the silicon valley. thank you for your time. let's talk about this, $2 trillion, that's a lot to just get our heads around. this goes $1200 to anyone making $75,000 or less, is that correct? >> that is correct. it would go to anyone making $75,000 or less. we have pushed in the house for a higher number that $1200 isn't enough and it needs to cover people making more than $75,000. but the compromise was $75,000 or less. >> for a couple anywhere in the country, $150,000 per couple and you would get $2400. if your household is $150,000 or less, you get $2400, is that correct? >> that is correct.
6:39 pm
so a couple it would be $2400 and then $500 more for a child. >> and congressman, what about all those big economy workers, especially here in the bay area. so many people in your district there, do they get impacted here, do they get a check in the mail possibly? >> they would. that was something we really fought for, for delivery drivers, for construction workers. a lot of them are not traditional employees, they're independent contractors. they will get the check, as well. they will qualify for unemployment insurance. they will qualify for up to four months of unemployment insurance, which is going to be $600 more than previously. >> and some of the logistics here, if i qualify here, do i get a check in the mail or direct deposited by the irs? >> the details are still being figured out. we haven't seen the exact senate bill yet.
6:40 pm
but the concern is that it may take too long. that you may get a check in the mail in a month or two months. so what we're still needing to figure out is when the checks will go out. i don't think it's going to be direct deposit, i think a check in the mail. >> a couple hours ago, president trump praising speaker nancy pelosi, and speaker pelosi having positive words to president trump. does that indicate this deal is now set to go, a green light in the next 24 hours? >> it looks like it's going to pass. there's one thing that's so important, though. we are giving almost $500 billion to industries to bail them out. i don't have a problem giving a loan or a grant to the airline industry if it's a temporary thing. but what i can't understand is why the government couldn't get equity out of that. i was just talking to someone who said these loans should be on commercial terms. no bank or private equity firm could give money without getting
6:41 pm
equity. many of us in the house believe taxpayers should get equity for these bailouts. >> at the end of the night, are you somewhat satisfied when the senate approves it and it comes to you in the house of representatives, are you satisfied you're doing this for the american people? >> i'm satisfied they're going to give cash grants, cash infusion. i'm satisfied with the unemployment insurance expansion. i'm sagts ftisfied with the sma business loans. i'm not satisfied that the government isn't getting equity for these bailouts and i'm not satisfied that we don't have a moratorium on relates and mortgages. there are a lot of small businesses, restaurants, they're hurting. they shouldn't have to pay for the next few months rent to their land lords. >> perhaps we can see some addendums and other ways that you can help those businesses in the future. thank you, joining us live from washington, d.c. appreciate your time in this
6:42 pm
very busy period of american history. thank you. >> thank you for giving me a chance to explain the bill. let's turn things over to jeff ranieri, who has been working from home. jeff, i know you have all your gear there, so you're giving us top quality weather there. days have been misty, but it's going to get warmer now? >> we do. we definitely have some much warmer weather coming in that seven-day forecast with some sun and all the sheltering in place. we'll show you when that arrives and where i'm seeing heavy rainfall right now. her gym is temporarily closed, but the owner is still charging her membership fees. nbc bay area responds, next. rst. first with no annual service contracts. first with taxes and fees included. now t-mobile has the first and only nationwide 5g network. reaching over 5,000 cities and towns and over 200 million americans.
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and t-mobile is not charging extra for 5g access. because this isn't our network... it's yours.
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nbc bay area responds to a san jose gym member who says her health club was inflexible about the coronavirus, so she asked or consumer investigator to help.
6:45 pm
>> gyms and health clubs are currently closed. check out the parking lot, that includes s 24-hour fitness locations. amy says she wanted to temporarily freeze her membership. she says 24-hour fitness planned to continue charging her and her husband monthly. >> they should have postponed, frozen, stopped everybody's membership and stopped charging people for a service that they can't provide and people can't leave their houses to take advantage of. >> reporter: frustrated, she reached ut to us and we contacted 24-hour fitness. here is what a spokes perp said by email. we have made some difficult decisions to assure our ability to provide services to club members and sustain our business over the long-term. 24-hour fitness noted that club memberships will be extended for the same period to cover the
6:46 pm
time of the club closure. but amy says that's worthless to her because she pays month to month, she would only benefit if she didn't renew. after we made contact with 24-hour fitness, it allowed amy to cancel immediately. they're done. it's likely we'll see more cases like amy's for various membership and services. first, watch your bank statements. look for those recurring charges, especially the ones on auto pay. identify the ones you feel are unfair. then contact the company. if that conversation doesn't get you results, maybe open up a dispute with your credit card company. that step usually gets the merchant's attention. you can try us when all fails us, click responds from the main menu. coming up at 7:00, we'll talk about gouging and what's being done about those $50 rolls of toilet paper. >> that's crazy. thank you. let's bring in our chief meteorologist jeff ranieri. we are talking rain, hail, and hopefully, jeff, some sunshine
6:47 pm
and we're going to warm up, as well. take it away. >> we got that coming your way, raj. i know you like that warmer weather. for a lot of today, we've seen these isolated downpours, even small hail. nothing too severe, but enough that people were sending in video. we can show you what's left of that on the doppler raid yes. i wanted to start off with why we're getting these isolated storms and why the temperatures have dropped so much. it's a tomorrow system that is dropping down from the north. it's skirting the coastline and this is why the cold air is pulling in here from alaska, also canada. all the way down to the bay area. and it will keep the chances of rain and isolated thunderstorms, at least a small chance of isolated thunderstorms through tomorrow. on the doppler radar and satellite right now, the one spot that we are looking at is up into the north bay. but also noted some of this pink
6:48 pm
over mt. hamilton and then over mt. diablo. we have some low snow down to about 3,000 feet. so while we're stuck at home, if you have a view of the local mountains, you might see some snowfall here as we head through at least the next hour or so. even into tomorrow morning when you wake up. let's get to the heavier rainfall. it's right now over portions of st. helena, and moving into santa rosa. i'm tracking this with the same equipment we had back at the same station. this is moving down through the south here at 7:09. and we're also seeing this rainfall continuing with possibly small hail through 7:35 tonight. in you hear that thunder, head inside. we have had a couple of lightning strikes with this. but once again, through tonight, we'll gradually see that tapering off. so the next big story is the cold temperatures. we're dropping down into the 30s here from marin, napa, sonoma counties.
6:49 pm
so cover up the sensitive plants. and be careful with any space heaters as we will be dropping to the 30s. i have the coldest weather here, at least some of it in the tri-valley. 37. need a heavier jacket. sweater weather for the peninsula and the south bay down to 39. north bay, 36. 43 in san francisco. and cold and bright for the east bay. that's how i'm calling it. 37 degrees. as we move through tomorrow, temperatures don't warm up a whole lot. so you'll need the layers. just 55 in san jose. notice the wind speed, as well. it's going to be up to 14 miles per hour. so when that wind kicks up, you will feel a slight windchill making it feel like the upper 40s. east bay, 57 in concourt. for the peninsula, i have 57 in palo alto. 54 in daley city. and mid 50s for half moon bay. sunshine for san francisco and 55 in the mission and 51 for the marina. and in wine country, mid 50s for
6:50 pm
napa and sonoma. the extended forecast in san francisco has more rain returning this weekend. about a quarter inch on average saturday and sunday. and for the inland valleys, want that warmer weather? monday will be in the low 70s, maybe even mid seths the way it looks now. i know a lot of the parents at home are saying thank you, thank you, thank you, with those kids, that kind of weather. just put them outside for an hour for recess. so it's going to take a little burden off the parents. >> i wish it was that easy. >> go in the backyard, go in the backyard. >> yes. just orders. >> very good. thanks, jeff. we are all trying to find new ways to pass the time, right? a san jose earthquake star has some suggestions. you don't have to be very good in soccer. it's just fun to watch, too. there's no place like home.
6:51 pm
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have you seen this on social media, all of those stay at home changes? >> it was crazy. >> stay at home with the kids, try to home school and feed them. that's the big challenge. >> try that with teenagers.
6:54 pm
now, san jose earthquake player created his own version. anthony flores has that story for us. ♪ >> reporter: his footwork is dazzling. >> what's up, guys? it's tommy thompson here from the san jose earthquake. >> reporter: and he's challenging kids stuck inside because of the coronavirus pandemic to stay inside. >> that's the beauty of soccer. to get better, all you need is a ball and a little space. >> reporter: his version of the stay at home challenge. post a trick on social media, and then others try to replicate it. ♪ this video has gone viral. >> i had no idea it would get as big as it did. >> reporter: some are using whatever they can find, including things that are in high demand. >> that's all kinds of challenges right now. i think it's healthy for everybody right now to take their mind off of what's going on. i'm hoping kids will stay
6:55 pm
motivated and the parents hopefully will be motivated, as well. >> reporter: viral videos are nothing new for tommy thompson. he pulled off this remarkable tribute to steph curry's tunnel shot in front of the harlem globetrotters. how many takes was that? >> how many did you see on the video? >> just one. >> there you go, just one. so i do have one more challenge for all of the soccer players out there in the audience. this might take a little practice. so juggle a couple times to start. and you're going to go around the ball just like that. >> reporter: anthony flores, nbc bay area news. >> right. i don't think so. as we do every night, we want to show you something good. tonight, a lot of singing.
6:56 pm
>> you guys ready? >> ready. >> okay. ♪ take me out to the ball game >> today was the first day of a concert series in berkeley. music concert also take place there every wednesday until the 29th of april. unfortunately if you don't live in that berkeley neighborhood, you're not invited. but some of the folk are sharing their experience, start your own in your neighborhood. go outside and sing a song and tell your neighbors to do it with you. >> you heard me sing in the newsroom. should i do that to my neighbors? >> maybe you should do the trick with the ball instead. >> that's good stuff. opening day for baseball scheduled for next week, the a's and the giants, but that is not going to happen. we'll have to wait for a few more months. we are not done, we are extending our news cast. stay with us for a special edition of nbc bay area news at 7:00. thanks for joining us.
6:57 pm
test test test.
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7:00 pm
i'm not interested in pointing fingers, we're going to own this moment. >> right now at 7:00, day nine of shelter at home. how california is buckling down for the long haul. good evening and thanks for joining us. >> you mentioned day nine, jessica, likely be doing this for many more days even weeks. we're joined by janell wang working from home this wednesday


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